Rock solid mobile apps.

From design, development, porting, testing to devices backfilling.
Because our customers know that the development of mobile applications is only 30% of their applications' life cycle!

We specialise in managed services for mobile applications : we develop for most platforms, languages or embedded technologies.

(and much more...)

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About us

Mobile-D Group is a young company fueled by talented mobile developers, architects and embedded technologies experts. Most of its work is performed inshore by senior engineers.

Our customers rely on our mobile development expertise, embedded technologies unique experience and background in all technologies and platforms.


    main office and labs


    Parc du PONTET
    100, routes de Houlieres
    13590 Meyreuil
    Tel : +33 9 51 77 21 29
    Head quarters


    21, boulevard du Leman
    13012 Marseille
    tech lab


    18, rue Saint Marc
    75002 Paris




    Greater san francisco area

Services & Offerings

At Mobile-D Group OUR PASSION is to TAKE CARE OF YOUR mobile apps & services !

Managed services

Experienced corporations know that beyond development ALM is crucial. From design, development and validation testing to corrective, adaptive, evolutive & preventive maintenance; we manage every stage of your app's lifecycle.


Our team of designers know the specifics of mobile apps, their benefits and their constraints. They create mobile UI that deliver the best User eXperience for your product.


Our expertise covers most platforms and architectures for mobile applications & sites on both Smartphones and tablets. From Apple iOS and Android to HTML5; through Windows Phone 7 & 8, Windows 8, BlackBerry and J2ME. We manage projects with frequent interlock with our customers leveraging Agile method to optimise projects.


Carrying over 10 years of mobile porting technology, we have the tools and the methods to optimize porting and maintenance on most hardware, platforms and languages. If you want your apps to reach a broad range of devices: Contact Mobile-D Group.


A mobile app needs to run smoothly as soon as it's downloaded. Mobile users have no tolerance for unstable apps. The best way to insure is to live test your app. We provide testing services for mobile applications and mobile devices, we test mobile applications against 1600+ devices and provide Quality Assurance for the most demanding corporations.

Maintenance & Backfilling

To succeed, a mobile app must stay current against the latest devices and OS. If not updated, the app will be dropped by users as soon as they buy a new handset.
We provide maintenance and backfilling annual contracts so you can build a strong and loyal audience by keeping your app up-to-date.


Mobile-D group is a team of experts and senior developers. Our company gathers advanced skills in mobile applications development: most mobile platforms, languages, architectures and the highest level of expertise in various embedded technologies.

Multi platform

Our team includes experts who know how to optimize your app for most OS. With more than 7 years of multi platform development we help you use mobile diversity to your advantage. Contact us if you wish to launch an app on several OS or port it to other mobile platforms.


Mobile-D Group is one of the few players that fully masters Bluetooth development on most mobile OS. We built succesful Bluetooth-enabled projects such as audio devices, chat systems, medical devices, automotive, Blue-marketing, hardware customization, etc. On both software and hardware layers.


We have extended experience on Near Field Communication technologies and have developed projects on mobile wallets, transportation, access control, marketing communication, product recognition, Mobile-D Group has developed advanced expertise on all aspects of NFC and especially security.

SIM Toolkit

We work with the main players of SIM technology, we develop applications requiring access to SIM card such as Telco application, personal information manager applications, banking applications.


Location awareness and LBS are vital features for many mobile applications. At Mobile-D Group we have a broad experience of GPS related applications ; from core GPS technologies to standard needs like maps or LBS.


Mobile banking, mobile health, access control, our customers come from these industries and they are very demanding and challenging on security. We have the higher level experts on these topics including ciphering, HTTPS.


Applications our team has worked on or produced

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application development
application development
application development
application development
application development
application development
application development
application development


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